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Carrygawley - Laird Family Flax Mill

Thanks to the generosity and support of the Wiley family during a previous visit  to Letterkenny I was able to locate and photograph the old Flax Mill that was on John Laird’s 68ac Carrygawley Flax farm.    This is the farm where Ann Laird and her sisters grew up and one of only two farms in the 128ac Carrygawley during the 1800’s.   The old Mill holding Dam at the top of the hill was filled in sometime back as they were deemed to be dangerous, my understanding is the authorities provide grants to assist people to fill these type of Flax Dams in.

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Carrygawley Fax Mill Water RaceCarrygawley Flax MillNewmills Flax Mill with Race & Wheel

Flax Mill operation