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Bogstown Farm

250 Years of Boggstown Laird Family History

The Bog(g)stown farm house was built around 1698 and was originally the home of Joseph & Sarah Boggs from 1742-1753 and then the home of Richard Laird (no children) until he died in 1797. Richard left half share of the farm to his nephew James Laird eldest son of John & Margaret Laird,  James married Beth Boggs in 1806 and had a family of 10 children.  Later in the 1850’s William & Ann Laird raised their 5 children followed by Thomas Laird & Jeanie Neely in the 1890’s along with Tom’s mother Ann Laird and their 2 daughters Violet and Sarah.

The original thatched roof was covered over with tin and the walls a traditional rubble construction with whitewash.When the house was demolished in the late 1960’s a single Georgian penny from 1822 was discovered, inside a hidden stone staircase on the back of the chimney leading up to the loft which contained 2 old wood & rope bunks.

Bogstown Farm - Shantallow Circa 1966

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