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  1. 1

    Lynne Bredin

    Hi Alan, I was wondering if you had any information on the Bredin families in that area, and how they are connected with your family or Elagh.I remember reading something once about one of the Miss Bredins from Elagh marrying a Montgomery i think, but dont know if they are related to us.My father has completed a family tree – he is descended from a Jane Bredin from Ballymagroarty who married Ezekiel Bredin from Drumcorn on the Trench Road,Londonderry. My mothers Grandmother was Martha Bredin who married Robert Crockett.The Crockett family still living at Coshquin.Word of mouth has it that my mother’s Bredins and my fathers Bredins are connected but we have been unable to find the link. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Lynne Bredin

    1. 1.1


      Lynne, thanks I have some info I will forward, does anyone in your family believe they have a Bredin connection in Australia?

  2. 2

    Mary Wilson

    Do you know anything about the Doherty Family living in area   from about 1790 – 1860. There was a Michael Doherty who married a Jane Neilan?? I believe they lived in the Coleraine area but the name 'Elagh' was used by my family after they moved to Australia in 1854.
    Mary Wilson

  3. 3

    lee gleason

    Results from my DNA show the Gleason name back to William Silas Gleason Sr b 4 May 1823 in Butler Co, oh 

    buried in LaDora Iowa.    The DNA then changes to the name Laird.   We don't have William's father's name.   We have

    a first name of Cynthia or Syntha for his mother.   We're looking for that Laird connection.     Lee and Cary Gleason

  4. 4

    Susan Lawson

    Hi Alan, this is all fascinating. I lived in Elagh House (just south of house 2, off your map) as a child (1970-90). I am pretty sure Elagh House is about 250 years old so would have overlapped with this time (large farmhouse). We used to play and explore in and around O'Docherty's Castle. I had never heard about Spanish Ghosts though, or the Battle of Elagh. Till now!


  5. 5

    Susan Gingras

    My great-grandfather Henry Miller Morrow was from Elagh and a Methodist – have you come across any Methodists in your research, or Morrows?

  6. 6

    Kyle Laird

    Hi Alan,

    I am interested in the letters from Philadelphia you mentioned in your post.  Have you gone through them–have you put information about them online?

    Also, I am intersted in any information about Lairds who immigrated to the USA in the first half of the 1800s.  Especially women named Anne or Anna or a variation of the name (Annes or Annas with maiden and married surnames of Laird).  Also if you know of any Laird folk who ended up in North Carolina.

    Any information is greatly appreciated,

    Kyle Laird

  7. 7

    Heather Laird

    Hi Alan,   My family is from Glasgow well most of it is but I am having lots of trouble finding the Irish side of my family we have a lot of David, Alexander, John, James, Thomas, Joseph and even older that i can find before going to either America or Canada is a Laurence I think that David and Alexander were for the most part the main names used in my branch of the tree but as i am not able to find anything back from Alexander in 1580 but did find once and not able to find again a David Laird from Ireland i am sure it was around 1320 do you have any knowledge of those names in your area in Ireland and if so where i can get some information on them as my DNA advised me i am of Irish decent not Scottish as i believed.

  8. 8

    Martyn Kee

    Hi Alan – I am fascinated by the photo at Gortmore Farm c 1933. My father, Wallace Kee, was born at the same farm in 1918. I am uncertain but I suspect the farm passed from the Kee family to the Laird family between 1922 and 1933 or thereabouts. My father’s mother was Annie Isabella Miller and her father James had a daughter Sarah Jane, born in 1876, who is the Sarah Jane in the photo that married David Laird.

    I am wondering if you would be kind enough to let me know the names of all the children of David and Sarah Jane. I have only 12 – James Miller Laird, Mary Campbell Laird, Annie Hunter Laird, Jemima Gibson Laird (incidentally my father’s mother was names Jemima Gibson Kee), your father George Dinsmore Laird, Sarah Jane Laird, Evelyn Laird, David Walter laird, Margaret Bennett laird, Samuel Laird, Thomas Laird and finally Robert Laird.

    Are the above children correct and who am I missing. I would very much appreciate any further information on any of the family as it seems from your information that many subsequently emigrated.

    Best regards

    Martyn Kee

  9. 9

    Cathy Pidgeon

    Hi Alan
    I am interested in any connections you have with the Platt family. You mentioned them in your last paragraph. I am a descendant from the Platts of Gallagh. Henry Platt is my great (x2) grandfather
    Cathy Pidgeon

    1. 9.1


      Cathy hi I have received your message and will ‘dig out’ my notes over the next day or so! and will reply in more detail. I have not ventured too far in tracing other family names and concentrated mostly on my Lairds but I have some details of my connections with the Platt family.

      regards Alan

  10. 10



    my great grandmother om my mother’s side was Mary Jane Platt. Her father , I believe , was too a Henry Platt. Their second son was called Henry Burnside (if you are aware of the Scottish naming of family system, the second son was named after the mother’s father.)
    Henry Burnside was killed in WW1 and has the distinction of being the only person named on 2 NI war memorials ,Coleraine and also the Diamond war memorial in Derry.

    Henry’s sister, my great aunt, was Annie Platt Burnside, her aunt was Annie Platt , Mary Jane’s sister and was married to Sir Samuel Orr. Does this fit in with your family?

    Are you aware of who George C Platt born Derry 1842 may have been? He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour at Gettysburg. He was in the 6th US Cavalry as was my John Laird who was taken prisoner at Gettysburg so perhaps they may have known each other. They both lived in Philadelphia , were in the same regiment and were born in Derry. Most Ulster Scots who emigrated to the United States tended to live close to each other and attend the same churches. I apologise if you are aware of all this ! There is a bridge in Philadelphia named after George C Scott!

    Alan -let me know some of your details and hopefully they are similar !

  11. 11


    Sorry Cathy George C Platt bridge not Scott!!


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