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Laird DNA Project

Currently we are hosting two (2) Laird family trees The Bogstown Laird  tree and The Elagh Laird  tree despite the extensive size of these two trees at this stage no paper records have been found that provide a connection between the two Laird families.   Recent Y-DNA results however have conclusively shown that both the Bogstown & Elagh Laird families come from a common male ancestor with a 94% probability that this was within the last 8 generations. 

   Laird DNA

The Elagh Laird family attended Burt Presbyterian Church (Co Donegal) and then later both Laird families attended Ballyarnett Presbyterian Church (Co Londonderry) when it opened in 1848.   A search of the Burt and Knowhead Church records has been completed and further research is ongoing for both Laird tree’s. 

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