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Recommended Tools

We have had many emails regarding research in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, along with what software to use etc.  So we put together some of our favorite picks for you to look at here:


We have used this PAF Software for 10 years plus it is the best offline family tree tool available.  It does everything you need and more, including output of GEDCOM files for use with other software if needed.
Essential for researching Passenger Shipping Lists
 Excellent Reference book for the beginner, highly recommended.
This is a great collection of letters from a father in Donegal to his son in America.  We helped with some research of some Laird graves in the old Leck Cemetery in Letterkenny and found the letters fascinating to read.  They reference many families in Donegal and the day to day life in the early 1800’s, the book has a great index of family names.

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